• October 23, 2016

Instagram – It’s All About the Image

Instagram – It’s All About the Image

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Instagram All About the Image

When Facebook bought two-year-old photo- and video-sharing network Instagram for $1 billion in 2012, industry reaction was generally positive. Flash forward to 2016 and the acquisition seems prescient: Instagram has gone from around 300 million active users in 2012 to 500 million at last count, and the smooth integration of the app with Facebook presents a host of opportunities for users and marketers alike. This summer, Instagram launched a variety of new tools for business accounts, making their ad platform, introduced in 2013, more robust than ever.

The facet of the Instagram phenomenon we are most excited about? Ad design. Instagram is all about the image, and the limitations of designing solely for a mobile platform provides the opportunity to strip away any excess, and shine a laser-like spotlight on your message. In a recent blog post for HubSpot, Sophia Bernazzani presented 11 examples of awesome Instagram ads, with a few “Why It Works” points for each. Not surprisingly, Bernazzani starts with a mouthwatering image from Instagram’s own Instagram for Business account, which features some of the best examples of the ads many different businesses have created to run on Instagram. So scroll through, and see if you agree with Bernazzani’s assessments. What do you think makes a great ad on Instagram?

11 Examples of Instagram Ads We Love | Sophia Bernazzani | HubSpot