• April 12, 2017

Staying Fresh with a Re-Brand! Celebrating our 25th Anniversary

Staying Fresh with a Re-Brand! Celebrating our 25th Anniversary

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CMg 25th Anniversary Birthday Cupcakes

Welcome to the rebranded cmgdesign.com and our first 2017 issue of DesignMatters! Each month, we love to share some of the stories we have found that inspire us, stories of great ideas and accomplishments from all areas of creativity and business. This month, we are proud to share our own story—to celebrate CMg Design’s 25th anniversary, we redesigned our logo and website, and created short videos like this to bring you on the journey of the genesis and development of CMg, our projects, and describe our client service ethos.

While our website has a new look and feel and we have a fresh new logo, there is one thing that will never change: our commitment to providing our clients with the great service and innovative thinking that is at the heart of what we do at CMg.

I would love to hear what you think about our new look and our new site, or explore a potential collaboration. You can reach me at my office 626-395-0888 x 101 or email me at juliem@cmgdesign.com

I hope you enjoy exploring our new site. And remember, your brand is our passion.

Julie Markfield, CEO & Creative Director