• April 10, 2018

Branding for JPL

Branding for JPL

592 328 CMg Design, Inc.

Great brand design involves partnership, communication, and a clear understanding of long and short-term goals. We have partnered for 12 years with NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) developing a trust and understanding of their specific brand needs. From environmental graphics and microsites, to printed brochures and annual reports CMg continues to work hard solving problems and being their greatest BRANDING advocate. We can do the same for you!

CMg Design synthesized complex technical information written by a team of scientists and created the visually appealing JPL 2016-2017 Technology Highlights document. This distinctive book design draws inspiration from kaleidoscope-inspired shapes and patterns.

With 26 years in the business, we have many loyal clients. At your convenience, visit our work to see more projects by companies—including but not limited to—Parsons, Caltech, Mercury Insurance, Annenberg Space for Photography and Dole.

Julie Markfield, CEO & Creative Director

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