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Over a decade ago, winning a prestigious, national award lead CMg to new business with Hawaiian Electric Industries.



CMg treasures its long relationship with HEI in part because of HEI’s clear commitment to contributing to the environmental health of Hawaii. HEI is a traditional company, strongly rooted in Hawaii, with active, interested shareholders. CMg has gone through many rounds of changes with HEI, and has had strong relationships with both the CEO’s who have headed HEI during our tenure. We are gratified that HEI treats us a trusted advisor on a variety of design topics.

HEI Website Redesign

Based on our success with a family of books designed for investors, HEI reached out to CMg to redesign its corporate website. The in-depth knowledge bank on HEI that we developed helped make this a smooth and successful project.

HEI Sustainability Report 1
HEI Sustainability Report 2
HEI Sustainability Report 3
HEI Annual Report 1
HEI Annual Report 2
HEI Annual Report 3
HEI Marketing and Communications

Each year, CMg has risen to the challenge of designing unique annual reports by holding a series of in-depth client meetings and developing a strong thematic core for the year’s book. Over the years, we have managed the transition from a 30-page annual report and marketing document to a report that conveys 6-8 pages of core content in a beautiful design.

HEI has two subsidiaries: Hawaiian Electric Company and American Savings Bank. The challenge is to communicate their disparate messages to a wide variety of analysts and shareholders. As one of the few Fortune 500 companies located in Hawaii, HEI is very unusual, and it is important for the design to convey what is exceptional about it, including these elements specific, even unique, to its location:

  • HEI’s perspective reflects its commitment to the value system in Hawaii, including a dedication to promoting environmental sustainability for the islands.
  • The Hawaiian Islands form a unique bio-system, with unique environmental issues.
  • HEI has a strong connection to, and pride in, the indigenous culture.