Hueston Hennigan LLP

The CMg-designed website echos the color and lines of the newly-designed Hueston Hennigan offices, and takes their brand to new heights.



In January 2015, several of the most prominent attorneys in the Los Angeles area partnered to create Hueston Hennigan, which specializes in trials and complex litigation and white collar defense. As part of its positioning, Hueston Hennigan wanted to set itself apart from its more bound-by-tradition competition. The website CMg came up with echoes the color and the lines of the newly-designed Hueston Hennigan offices, and takes its brand to new heights.

Hueston Hennigan Website 1
Hueston Hennigan Website 2
Hueston Hennigan Website 3

Tasked with designing an online presence that was fresh, strong, confident, and powerful, CMg created an elegant, cohesive website with a design that echoes the look of the firm’s physical space. We were especially gratified when Hueston Hennigan shared with us that some of the guests at a party, which had screens showing the website, commented on the beautiful integration of the office space and website.

CMg Highlights

  • We maintained portions of the visual brand for a sophisticated, smooth integration, all while working on a very restrictive web platform. We shot new photos of the attorneys in their office space to give a sense of immediacy to the site.
  • The homepage welcomes visitors with images of the firm’s offices overlaid with snippets of accolades for its work.
  • Areas of practice are filtered in a user-friendly style.
  • Recent news stories feature prominently on the homepage, while the “In the News” area of the navigation provides a wealth of well-organized information.