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Creating engaging and inspiring web pages, environmental graphics, reports, and more for rocket scientists is among the coolest work we have done.



Over the last 10 years, CMg has built an efficient, collaborative partnership working for the Microdevices Laboratory (MDL) of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), and we have expanded our services to include work for JPL itself. It is a rewarding challenge to bring the highly technical content to life, and highlight the contributions of JPL and MDL to NASA’s goals. CMg is proud to have won multiple awards over the last number of years for this work.

CMg Design wove the Inspiration, Innovation, Implementation theme throughout the MDL 2016-2017 Annual Report and employed a personal spotlight on the scientists, engineers and researchers that comprise MDL and their collaborative spirit.

CMg Design synthesized complex technical information written by several scientists with graphics that were often basic spreadsheet charts and created the visually appealing JPL 2016-2017 Technology Highlights document. This distinctive book design draws inspiration from kaleidoscope-inspired shapes and patterns seen throughout the book as a continuation of the 2015-16 theme to engage, inspire and present a diverse set of technology developments that are essential for JPL’s continuing contribution to NASA’s future success. 

JPL Layout 1
JPL Layout 2
JPL Layout 3

CMg’s long-standing partnership with JPL facilitated a quick ramp up on this project. The audience for the report comprised these groups:

  • C-level executives
  • heads of industries
  • heads of government agencies
  • elected officials

Because of the unusually large number of individuals involved in the process and the scope of work, this project benefited from a particularly high level of organization, especially around communication — a CMg specialty.

JPL MDL Hallway graphics
MDL Posters
MDL Hallway graphics
MDL Hallway graphics design

This installation was a wonderful opportunity to enliven the journey of those who travel this hallway — mainly employees — by featuring the work of each group or division along the way.

MDL Annual Report 1

To celebrate 25 years of innovation facilitated by Chief Technologist Jonas Zmuidzinas, this annual report of activities at MDL employed extensive timelines, mapping achievements over the quarter century, in the section for each unit.

MDL Lobby Graphics

With beautiful imagery of NASA projects that MDL has contributed to, the murals CMg designed enhance the experience of both employees and members of the public as they enter the building. The murals, along with displays in glass cases, communicate the function of the building and put a spotlight on the many units housed within MDL, even those tucked in obscure areas of the labyrinthine facility.

MDL Website design

Working with NASA’s existing template and layout, CMg designed the MDL sub-website and, each year, provides new content based on the annual report.

The annual report on activities of the scientists at MDL, an important vehicle for communicating with key stakeholders and decision makers in government, highlights the benefits and opportunities of working with the laboratory.

NASA JPL Student Research

This piece, aimed at graduate students in science and technology and potential post-doctoral fellows, promotes the advantages of pursuing an internship or working at JPL.